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Lima Ohio Bankruptcy Firm

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Andrew Bucher

1728 Allentown Rd.
Lima, OH 45805

Phone: 419-227-9595
Fax: 419-227-3177

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Counties Served:

Allen, OHAuglaize, OH
Van Wert, OHPutnam, OH
Hancock, OHHenry, OH
Logan, OHLucas, OH
Mercer, OHFulton, OH
Wood, OHSandusky, OH
Seneca, OH

Areas of Practice:
Dui / Dwi
Family Law
Personal Injury


Attorney Andrew R. Bucher

Attorney Andrew R. Bucher earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Toledo and is admitted to practice in the courts of Ohio. He is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, Ohio Bar Associations, American Bar Associations and a board member of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Andrew Bucher serves the counties of Lucas, Wood, Hancock. Allen, Auglaize, Mercer, Van Wert, Putnam, Hardin, Wyandot, Logan and Henry.
Attorney Bucher is proud to provide a practice focused on OVI Defense. He is one of the most highly qualified attorneys in the state and regularly attends trainings and conferences focused on OVI defense in Ohio and across the country. He is rated 10 out of 10 superb by the attorney rating service Avvo.
Attorney Andrew Bucher is also regularly invited to teach different aspect of OVI defense to other Ohio Attorneys for the Ohio State Bar Association, The Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and various local and county Bar associations.
His extensive training and experience ranges from factory certification on breath-testing, laboratory training on blood and urine testing in OVI cases, completion of the standardized field sobriety testing student course (the one the police take) and then subsequent certification as an instructor qualified to teach the field sobriety testing course, courses on forensic toxicology, workshops on trial techniques and cross examination, and the experience that comes with practicing OVI defense every day across northwest Ohio.
"It is my pleasure to defend you in your time of need. If you are serious about your OVI then you deserve an attorney who focuses on these cases as they are extremely complex.
When interviewing a potential OVI attorney be sure to ask them what specialized training they have for OVI defense, when the last suppression hearing they conducted was in an OVI matter, and when was their last OVI Jury Trial. You may be surprised by the answers.
All lawyers are not created equal. I spend the time and money to get all of the best training to defend you. I try cases and conduct suppression hearings on a regular basis. If you are looking for a fighter, look no further." Attorney Andrew R. Bucher
Attorney Bucher provides the most qualifed and aggressive OVI Defense. He offers flat fees, after hours support by office appointment or by email (always). Visit one of his office locations in Lima or Toledo. Call Attorney Andrew R. Bucher today for a FREE consultation (419) 386-2519
The other attorneys with BLD&M handle a variety of other, non-OVI, legal matters, feel free to contact Attorney Bucher and he will get you to the Lawyer you need for your specific case. BLD&M is proud of its more than 190 years of legal experience accumulated by its seven attorneys.

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Creditors are subject to state law provisions incorporated into bankruptcy cases. If a bankruptcy court lifts the automatic stay and permits a specific creditor to seize and liquidate property subject to a lien, creditors must obey all state law limitations on collection practices. For more information, see legal assistance for debtors. Also, all statutory provisions depend on conformity with the prohibition against fraudulent conversions creating exempt property.